Business Development, Research & Analysis

Our company is a resource for non-profits, start up companies and established companies who desire further growth and development. We provide knowledge in building quality systems and processes that fit your industry.

Research & analysis for companies that are serious about conquering their industry. We offer industry research as well as competitor research. We also offer a complete business analysis.

Expertise areas are business coaching, business research, operating systems, process development, process improvement, analysis, strategic planning, building business plans, presentations, statistical data analysis, administration, communications, human resources, conflict resolution, project management, observation processes, policies & procedures, regulations, operating systems, scheduling, secure payment systems, safety training, customer service & more.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Expertise areas are website building, hosting, domains, website maintenance, website security, content management system, WordPress, CRM customer relationship management, creative design, formatting, company branding, logo creation, SEO – search engine optimization, search engine ranking, social media platforms, blogging, keyword research, email marketing, call to action, surveys, promotion, advertising, sales, business cards, brochures, promotional ideas & more.

Domains & Hosting

http://yourdomain.com Help choosing the right domain & set up website hosting.

Website Building

We have solutions for all your creative & marketing needs. We build beautiful websites that are practical, professional and user friendly.


A Firewall protects clients against cyber-attacks and keeps malicious traffic off your website. Don’t do damage control later because of DDOS attacks or SQL injections. Be proactive and put a firewall on your website today to protect your investment.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL certificates tell search engines and browsers that your website is trustworthy. Did you know that without an SSL your website traffic could be interrupted by messages such as “this site is not secure” or “hackers may be able to see your information”. An SSL certificate tells both search engines & browsers that your site is protected/safe.

Tech Support

Basic tech support -minor services, software & computer related (diagnosis)

Virus & Malware Protection

Computer virus, malware, spyware protection. (troubleshooting, diagnosis & repair)

Merchant Payment Solutions

Credit card processing, gateway, integrations, API, CRM, Fraud protection, PCI compliance & more

Creative Design

We offer creative design for almost anything. Our artistic minds can create mind-blowing designs. From website design to branding, logos, business cards, brochures and other print advertising.

Branding & Logos

Branding & creating the perfect logo is an art. The right piece of artwork is sure success.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide search engine optimization, social media content and suggestions, directory listings and much more. Be on the first page of Google, Bing & Yahoo with our SEO services.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumbler, Linked In & more.

Email Marketing

Email & SMS connect to customers & marketing is very effective in the consumer market. Even if your company thrives on one time purchases, we can help you get more of your customers to return for additional purchases.

Business Email

info@yourdomain.com Email packages to fit your needs & industry that match your domain

Cloud Storage

Back up your business or corporation files. Get rid of all those stacks of paper

Customer Service & Public Relations

Expertise areas are public relations, public speaking, communications, press releases, community events, ribbon cuttings, promotional items, partnerships, sponsorships, event planning, event management, business networking, social media marketing, creating online presence, lead development, direct sales, print marketing, customer service, customer relations, customer satisfaction, customer retention & more.

Why Hire a Professional?

Hiring a marketing professional to help you promote your business is probably one of the most wise things that you can do. As a business owner or business manager, you often find yourself stretched too thin and this can have a huge impact on your revenue. Being stretched in too many areas can leave you with a large amount of work partially completed but nothing actually finished. In small companies, when issues with employees comes up, marketing can often fall to the wayside causing revenue to decrease. It’s important to trust someone who can guarantee the job gets done.