About Us


Our Vision

Our dedication & drive in business is to make your vision happen. We want to see your dreams come true! We love to see our clients successful & happy.

Our Goal

To create….. to be a creator in the business industry. To assistant our clients in being a creator of commerce. To provide an excellent service that enables our clients to see business growth & success.

All-in-One Services

At Malak Marketing, we love to help our clients save time and money by offering several services within one company. Its convenient and efficient. We also really enjoy creating long-term business relationships with clients that thrive on our services.


We have a team of dedicated professionals

Our team consists of experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. We have regular meetings & keep each other up to date on client needs. We are dedicated to your success!

Our Specialties

Get to know more about our skills and how we can be an asset to your company.


Business Development

Research, Planning, Analysis & more

Expertise areas are business research, operating systems, process development, process improvement, analysis, strategic planning, building business plans, presentations, statistical data analysis, administration, communications, human resources, conflict resolution, project management, observation processes, policies & procedures, regulations, operating systems, scheduling, secure payment systems, safety training, customer service & more.

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Strategic Marketing

Branding, Logos, Websites, SEO, & more

Expertise areas are website building, hosting, domains, website maintenance, website security, content management system, WordPress, CRM customer relationship management, creative design, formatting, company branding, logo creation, search engine optimization, search engine ranking, social media platforms, blogging, keyword research, email marketing, call to action, surveys, promotion, advertising, sales, business cards, brochures, promotional ideas & more.


Customer Service & PR

Business Coaching, Reputation & more

Expertise areas are public relations, public speaking, communications, press releases, community events, ribbon cuttings, promotional items, partnerships, sponsorships, event planning, event management, business networking, social media marketing, creating online presence, lead development, direct sales, print marketing, customer service, customer relations, customer satisfaction, customer retention & more.

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